Family Law

Dissolution of Marriage

Divorce is an unfortunate, however, sometimes necessary reality in our culture.  Relationships change with time.  While some grow and prosper, others fade and wither. In order to disentangle a marital relationship, the dissolution process can involve the following majors issues:

  1. Temporary Support/Relief/Use
  2. Custody/Parenting Time/ Child Support
  3. Property Division/Division of Debts
  4. Spousal Support (commonly known as alimony)

If you are considering a divorce, please contact us to discuss the potential issues in your case and what relief the law may provide you. 


The law recognizes that after a divorce judgment is finalized, situations may change and those changes may necessitate a modification to the divorce judgment.  Generally, divorce judgments are modified in the following circumstances:

  1. Modification of Custody/Parenting Time/ Child Support
  2. Modification of Alimony award


Protective/Restraining Orders

Kolego and Kraushaar, Attorneys at Law, have experience representing parties on both sides of a restraining order.   We understand that given the nature and design of these proceedings, sometimes the restraining order system is abused while sometimes it offers important and necessary relief. 

Oregon statutes allow for the issuance of four principle types of protective order.  Importantly each protective order encompasses different situations, has different legal standards and finally provides unique forms of relief.  Contact us to discuss your case and learn how to protect yourself with a restraining order or defend yourself from one.  The four Oregon varieties of protective order are as follows:

  • Family Abuse and Protective Act Restraining Orders
  • Stalking Protective Orders
  • Elder Persons or Persons with Disabilities Restraining Orders
  • Sexual Abuse Restraining Orders